Latching Circulators

Millimeter wave latching circulator technology uses latching ferrite junctions and includes a high speed driver.

High Power Millimeter Wave Waveguide Switch Technology

Developed under an SBIR, these V-Band latching Y-junction circulators exhibited Low Loss, with less than 0.4 dB per junction, and High Isolation with up to 20 dB per junction. Reversal of the circulation direction of ferrite enables operation as a SPDT switch for applications requiring low loss and high power, including radar TX/RX switching and power amplifier redundancy switches. Optimized for operation in the millimeter wave bands, our latching circulator capability can be applied to custom applications from Ka-Band to W-Band (26.5GHz to 110 GHz). Drive electronics have also been developed allowing for low average power operation and TTL control. The circulators can be integrated into triple-junction high isolation modules or integrated into multi-function modules.

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