Parametric Amplifiers

Quantum-Limited Multi-Qubit Amplifiers (MQAs™) for Quantum Information Systems

Advance Information

Millimeter Wave Systems, LLC, working with the University of Massachusetts Boston and with support from the National Science Foundation’s SBIR program, is developing a MQA™ (Multi-Qubit Amplifier) capable of amplifying the outputs to detectable levels of more than fifty quantum bits (qubits) with a single quantum-limited amplifier. The outputs, also known as readouts, represent the results from quantum computer computations. When used with a multiplexed readout scheme, this technology will enable higher-density quantum computers by reducing the hardware size, complexity, and heat load over single qubit solutions. The MQA™ will be supplied with a quantum noise-limited cryogenic traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA) and a turn-key controller unit that includes pump sources and various accessories to ensure quick setup and system optimization. 

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