Subsystems &
Multi-Function Modules

MWS specializes in custom developed modules and sub-systems for applications demanding high performance, miniaturization and reliability while needing to meet environmental requirements. End-to-end configuration control and product life cycle management ensure consistent quality in production.

Subsystems refer to self-contained multi-function hardware and can include RF electronics, microcontrollers, DC-DC converters, power conditioning, references, displays, control functions and digital interfaces to form plug-and-play solutions. MMW block converters are an example of a subsystem.

Multifunction modules are discrete RF modules that are custom designed for specific applications. They can comprise many functions and are form fit to specific applications. Examples include Ka-band phased array modules that include functions like TX/RX mode switching and internal calibration.

Designed to specific environmental requirements, both modules and subsystems include built-in-test (BIT) capabilities and features that ensure ease of manufacturability.

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